About us

Company Švienty was established in 1992 as a family company. The workshop is in modern building with hihg level facilities. The whole area of the company is 2000 square meters. There are storing fcilities, garages and and a room for drying wood. Capacity of our production is abuot 50 standard wooden doors a month.

Our production

stolarstvoOur production has a broad spectrum. We are able to make any type of joinery product. From the simplest like Windows, doors, tables, chairs to more complicated like staircases, kitchens and different atypical projects, like restaurants and so on. We are able to adapt to the wishes of our customers. Our production is top quality only. For vanishing and painting our products we use only highest quality vanishes and paints MILESI made in Italy.

Speciality is carved furniture. We can fulfill any imagination of our customers because we employ qualified carvers too.